Full spectrum lamps in the mirror are suitable for light therapy

Mirrors with full spectrum lamps for light therapy

Whether normal bathroom mirror or light mirror: the variety of different products leaves nothing to be desired. However, some light mirrors have full spectrum lamps. These can be ideally used for light therapy.

Artificially generated light is usually weaker than sunlight. This is due to the fact that some sunlight frequencies are missing. The missing light frequencies affect humans, plants and animals.

As a rule, artificial light lacks the important UV component. With full spectrum lamps an effective light therapy can be used, which has health-promoting characteristics. Light therapy works quickly and has no or. vanishingly few side effects.

Full-spectrum lamps – Variety opens up new paths

Indirect or direct lighting can make facial areas even more recognizable. The use of full spectrum lamps offers versatile advantages. People who spend the entire day indoors receive too little daylight.

The natural sunlight provides for a release of the mood-brightening and concentration-promoting hormone serotonin.

This is missing when the dose of daylight is too low. To be able to go through the day happily despite this lack of sunlight, full spectrum lamps should be used. The full spectrum of light is also suitable for the winter period, in which the typical „winter depression“ occurs.

Full spectrum lamps for the bathroom

those who go to the bathroom early in the morning are usually quite sleepy. When the full spectrum of light is emitted through the bathroom mirror, it brightens up your mood in the early morning.

Our full spectrum lamps can be purchased in many different versions. That is why our assortment convinces not only in purely functional, but also in aesthetic terms.

By the way, the use of full spectrum lamps should also be followed when reading or working. If the light has a sun-like radiation, the eyes do not tire so quickly.

Our full spectrum mirrors also help with physical ailments such as malaise, stress, irritability and eyelid tremors.

A low dosage or. Irradiation of only 30 minutes per day can already help to alleviate physical symptoms and to promote a psychological brightening. Therefore the full spectrum lamp is optimally suitable for your bathroom!