Home emergency call systems for seniors – Which ones are available and which fit best?

What home emergency call systems are available for seniors?

It is very pleasing that the life expectancy of people in Germany continues to increase.

This demographic development, which is positive in itself, also means that more and more people are old and in need of care.

At the same time, most people in old age have the desire to preserve the familiar home and independent living in their own home. The fewest want into a nursing facility.

If seniors live alone, a home emergency call system is the ideal technology to get help quickly in an emergency, for example, a fall or a medical emergency.

This can be professional emergency services, but also family members or neighbors. There are different systems to choose from.

Home emergency call systems for seniors as stationary and mobile version

The senior emergency call usually consists of an emergency call system that can alert help immediately by the wearer pressing a button. The system is usually coupled via the landline telephone.

The senior can carry the emergency call at all times as a mobile device or bracelet with a button either with him or also use a stationary version in the home.

Mostly the senior wears the device as a bracelet or collar with him all the time. This is particularly important because a fall in the bathroom or in the apartment often prevents the way to the stationary emergency call at the phone.

So help can be fetched quickly in any situation. At the push of a button, the emergency call center that operates the emergency call system is alerted.

Then, for example, a senior who has fallen can still make voice contact or, in the event of unconsciousness, the control center is automatically informed at the push of a button.

Then a team can open the door if the key has been left, or alert the police and ambulance service.

The home emergency call device is ready for use 24/7 and the emergency call center is also manned around the clock.

This is important if, for example, children are also present in the home with the senior only during the day.

Senior cell phone with emergency call function

There is another possibility of a home emergency call with the help of special senior cell phones. These are not elaborate smartphones with cameras.

It is much more important that the cell phone is easy to use by elderly people. The buttons are extra large.

In addition, a few emergency numbers can be stored. For this purpose, the cell phones for seniors have an emergency call button.

Then the senior citizen only has to press the button once and the stored number is dialed automatically.

This can be the number of the children, the fire department or an emergency call service.

The senior can then either talk to the helper or family member, or the helper or family member alerts the emergency services if they can no longer talk to the senior.

Costs via care insurance

The costs of home emergency call systems for seniors may be covered by the long-term care insurance fund. Prerequisite for it is first that with the applicant a care degree is present.

This must be made before application for the house emergency call equipment over the nursing cash, which sends then an expert, who examines the senior and if necessary a care degree determines.

In addition, the person in need of care must live alone outside a facility. Especially in the case of a home emergency call device with a 24/7 connection to a care service or rescue service provider, monthly fees are incurred.

If one decides for a senior cell phone, there are only one-time costs for the purchase and then, for example, further costs for a prepaid card.

There are other warning systems for seniors, such as dementia location systems and smoke detectors, but these again have different tasks and conditions.