Natural remedies help with mental illnesses

Natural remedies help with mental illness

Mental illnesses are widespread in today’s high-performance society. Studies show that due to increased performance demands, stress and social pressure, more than a third of the German population already suffers from mental illnesses in the course of your life.

Reality has shown that treatments according to conventional medicine often do not achieve the desired effect and can permanently harm the patient. If the illnesses have not yet reached acute status, natural-based plants and remedies can be an alternative that is gentle on the body. Here you can read what options are available.

Old home remedies

It still belongs to the widespread knowledge that certain plants have a healing effect against mental suffering. They often represent old home remedies that have stood the test of time for decades. A classic example is valerian, which is often used for sleep disorders. There are many ready-made preparations on the market, which are enriched with hops or lemon balm. The effect is proven, but only sufficient for mild disorders. Valerians also help with related conditions such as nervousness and mild heart problems.

Especially depressions or depressive tendencies are more widespread than ever. St. John’s wort has been used as a medicinal plant since ancient times. Its effect occurs mainly in mild depression and has been proven by numerous studies. St. John’s wort is available as oil, tea, tincture and also as a medicinal preparation.

A well-known remedy for pathological anxiety is furthermore the Kava-Kava, which is mainly known from the USA. It is also effective in the increasingly occurring social phobia, provides relaxation, talkativeness and even euphoria. In this country it is available only in small dosages.

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic remedies are becoming increasingly popular, especially for mental illnesses. In their composition many herbal remedies like those mentioned above are used. Known especially for mental illnesses are the Bach flowers. 38 different solutions take care of almost all mental and psychological dysfunctions. Bach flowers are available in pharmacies as a ready-made solution or for mixing.

While scientists doubt the effect, there are numerous positive testimonials about Bach flowers. Another possibility is the use of Schüßler salts. The twelve different remedies fight diseases by balancing the mineral balance of the body. There are also remedies that are used directly against mental problems and depression.

The fields of application

It goes without saying that natural remedies cannot replace our current medicine. Therefore, especially in the case of serious diseases, it should always be used in consultation with a specialist or psychologist. Natural remedies have proven themselves especially for prevention and minor illnesses and can be taken in most cases without adverse effects.

However, consultation with a family doctor or pharmacist is always recommended. In addition, a psychological test on the Internet can reveal whether or not one is suffering from a mental illness.