Massage in Dresden – offers in the capital of Saxony

Massage in Dresden – Pure relaxation and recreation

In the hectic everyday life we take much too rarely time for ourselves, but a soothing massage in Dresden can not only release blockages in the body, but also provide a time out from everyday life.

For many, massage is a benefit to the body and mind, a comfort zone in stressful times, and a boost to one’s health.

Massage in Dresden – Pure relaxation

In the capital of Saxony customers will find the relaxation they need to cope with the following time again with strength and energy.

A complex offer of different massages, provided by experienced therapists, will help you with health problems or find the important relaxation.

Foot reflexology

What many people do not know is that in the feet end numerous nerves that are directly connected to other points of our body. Thus, the foot, or rather the sole of the foot, is a special energy field that can radiate positive effects to the rest of the body when pressure is applied.

The therapist knows the important points, which activates specific areas of the body by special pressure technique. Not only can diseases be detected when a pressure point hurts, reflexology also promotes blood circulation, the special massage also has a calming effect on the patient.

Classic back massage

The back is the problem of many people. Back pain is not known as the number one widespread disease for nothing. Whether wrong posture, overweight or pain from daily workload, the back pinches and hurts many patients.

A back massage can not only be soothing and relaxing, but can often relieve pain and remove blockages.

A regular back massage can help reduce chronic pain and relax muscles, allowing the client to move more freely again. In most cases, a classic back massage gives back a piece of quality of life.

The sensual massage touches the side

Delicate hands gently stroking the skin, with quiet music and warmed oil on the body, you can let yourself fall and completely forget the worries of everyday life. With this special massage all senses get their money’s worth.

This sensual massage embraces the human being as a holistic being that wants to be addressed on all senses.

Without the erotic aspect, the therapist intuitively dedicates himself to his client and intuitively massages him in order to offer him a complex wellness program.

Facial massage relaxes

Our face is not only a representative of the human being, it also expresses our emotions on a daily basis through facial expressions. But when it comes to wellness, we often forget this important part of the body.

Facial massage not only relaxes the fine muscular plexuses under the thin skin, but by alternating gentle touches and moments of rest, the delicate skin of the face is activated and optimally supplied with blood.