Mucolytic as a remedy – types, application and modes of action

Remedy expectorant

The natural remedy mucolytic is the optimal solution to loosen a mucous throat and thus provide for an improvement of the respiratory tract. But what exactly is meant by such a remedy at all?

The expectorant is a substance that dissolves the mucus formed in the body. This takes important physical functions. The mucous membranes are moistened by the mucus, which allows them to filter out dust.

The problem is that an overproduction of mucus has negative effects on health. As a result, some physical functions can not work properly. This is the case, for example, with bronchitis, but also frequently with pneumonia.

Significant in expectorants – the u. a. also known as mucolytics or secretolytics – is that they dissolve the excess mucus in water. The ingredients of expectorants include mainly herbal ingredients such as agave or peppermint.

Natural remedy expectorant – what is it??

Natural expectorants can contain various ingredients. In this context, there is often talk of certain household remedies that are said to work wonders, such as tea and chicken broths, but also onion and vegetable juice.

Below you will find a small overview of the typical natural and pharmaceutical expectorants:

  • It is a solvent that soothes the respiratory tract.
  • It serves to dissolve the excess mucus which is important for the body.
  • It frees the throat and lung area from stuck mucus.
  • It can be taken in liquid form, but also by inhalation.
  • It is often administered in combined form with natural teas of all kinds.

These five characteristics make it clear what expectorants are all about. You know yourself how annoying a cold and overproduction of mucus can be.

Always remember that the natural remedy expectorant is significantly more helpful in its effect than most pharmaceutical drugs. This is especially true when discomfort is to be relieved as quickly as possible and not necessarily permanently.

Are natural remedies better than pharmaceutical ones?

The differences between natural and artificial expectorants are obvious. Natural remedies of this type are intended to loosen the mucus in the short term. Cough syrups and other expectorant medications are used to treat the underlying problem.

But that is far from the only difference between natural pharmaceutical expectorants, for example in terms of duration of action. Medicines from the pharmacy usually work a little longer, usually up to eight hours.

While natural expectorants are prescribed for productive coughs – also known as phlegm coughs – pharmaceutical drugs are mainly used for dry coughs, which usually do not cause an overproduction of mucus.

Another difference between natural and pharmaceutical mucolytics lies in the nature of the side effects. While teas made from mint have no side effects, expectorants such as ambroxol can even cause headaches in some cases.

Otherwise, however, the differences are largely limited, which is also due to the fact that in the pharmaceutical industry expectorants are increasingly marketed as natural remedies – albeit in combination with antibiotics or painkillers.

Do you need any remedies at all as an expectorant??

In principle, there is also the possibility of resorting to pharmaceutical expectorants. However, practice makes it clear that these are often much more expensive than natural remedies and usually have a lower intensity of action.

In addition, mucolytics do not always have to be taken, whether natural or those from the pharmaceutical industry. Mint and other mint plants often help to clear the respiratory tract of mucus. These are then simply inhaled.

By the way, nutrition also plays a very important role in mucus production. Only if you are able to provide yourself with sufficient vitamins and avoid unhealthy foods, you can already notice positive effects in terms of mucus production.

Areas of application of expectorants

Especially in the case of colds, which occur in autumn and at the beginning of winter, it is worthwhile to fight the viruses with an expectorant. Herbal remedies offer numerous advantages to quickly ride out a cold. Of course, you have to give the body a rest accordingly.

In addition, mucolytics are often administered in cases of severe bronchitis and asthma, but also in cases of chills. However, these remedies work best for mild to moderate colds, but not necessarily for intense flu attacks.

The pneumonia COPD is often fought with mucolytics from the natural substance cineol, which ensure that some symptoms are relieved. Cineol, however, only serves as an additional medication, as u. a. antibiotics are also part of the treatment therapy.

There are even some special cases in which mucolytics can be the savior in distress. This is true, for example, in the case of histamine intolerance, which often leads to intestinal problems. In this case, the body has problems breaking down histamine. Natural substances can be very supportive.

Have you ever heard of sinusitis? No? No miracle! It is the medical term for a sinus infection. This can be very painful and negatively affect the respiratory tract, so in this case mucolytics can provide relief.

By the way, expectorants often work wonders not only for humans, but also for animals. Especially dogs, cats and horses suffer very often from an overproduction of mucus, which can be easily combated with the right natural remedies.

Dosage and mode of action of natural expectorants

The dosage of expectorants depends on the amount of mucus overproduced and the degree of the cold. It usually varies between 5 and 10 mg, and taking it two or three times a day is recommended. For children, the dosage is adjusted.

Those who suffer from particularly severe coughs must adjust the dosage accordingly. This also applies to pneumonia. By the way, expectorants also serve as a sleep aid. There is nothing worse than lying awake all night due to coughing fits.

If natural expectorants are taken in the form of plant teas, they can also help sufferers sleep better, as most teas have a soporific effect when steeped for the correct length of time.

There are, of course, other side effects besides clearing the airways and clearing away excess mucus. In addition to the soporific effect, this includes mild anesthesia of the mucous membranes and impaired kidney function.

However, the positive side effects should not be ignored. Severe sore throat can be alleviated quickly and effectively. Also an easement of the expectoration can be determined by the ingestion of expectorants.

Five household tips for the remedy expectorant

You will find numerous household remedies that can be used as expectorants. These have a positive influence on your diet. Below we provide you with some more advisable tips for cough and bronchitis sufferers:

Take in enough fluids
It can be enough to drink at least 200 ml of water every few hours and drink enough throughout the day when you have a cold. Often the excess mucus can be removed and the coughing sensation can be reduced. During colds, however, you should drink at least 1.5 liters a day.

Ingesting warm, liquid foods
Be sure to try chicken broth or chicken soup, on the one hand to avoid chills, and on the other hand to clear the respiratory tract by the slow absorption of such food. Try to avoid strong spices such as salt, pepper and Maggi as well as bread as a side dish.

Boil broccoli and drink the hot water
Another natural remedy that can serve as an expectorant is broccoli. However, you should not sauté the vegetables, but boil them and then absorb the slightly cooled cooking water. You can chew down the plant food slowly afterwards and digest it thoroughly.

Warm up honey a little and eat it pure
In the case of severe mucus infestation and cough, it is important to take care of the bronchial tubes. The best way to do this is with honey, but you should take it with a small spoon, slightly warmed, and preferably without other meals. As an alternative, carrot, apple and onion juice are also suitable.

Integrate vitamin C and zinc into the diet
To be able to remove excess mucus permanently and not just temporarily, you should change your diet consistently. It is important to increase your intake of vitamin C and zinc, for example as a supplement or in the form of kiwis, peppers and tomatoes, as well as nuts of all kinds.

If you implement these five household tips for a severe cough, bronchitis or even pneumonia, you can be sure that your symptoms will soon be alleviated – thanks to vitamin C and zinc, in most cases even permanently.


In the final paragraph, we would like to present you with our conclusion on the subject of natural expectorants. First of all: you should definitely read the mode of action of the individual medications a little more closely.

Basically, you should know that natural mucolytics are usually much better in terms of their effectiveness in the long run than pharmaceutical medications, even though the latter often seem to make more sense especially for long-lasting therapies.

Otherwise, make sure to first sit down with a trusted doctor and together determine the dosage for your expectorant. This is the only way you can quickly fight certain diseases and relieve pain.