With massages and rich body care through late autumn and winter

With massages and rich body care through late autumn and winter

Especially in late autumn and winter it is important to take care of yourself and your body care. Not only do you get sick more quickly than in the summer, but your skin also faces various challenges.

Cold has a similar dehydrating effect as heat, however, many people forget to drink enough fluids in winter as well.

In summer it is easier for us to compensate for the loss of fluids by sweating in the heat, but even in late autumn and winter the body consumes a lot of energy and fluids.

He must constantly fight the cold to maintain a body temperature of about 36 degrees. In addition to the body, the skin also needs special care due to adverse weather conditions.

Body care is especially important in late fall and winter

Especially in late autumn and winter it is important to pay attention to good ingredients in body care. Dry skin needs rich care.

A high proportion of urea, for example, ensures that your skin is intensively and sustainably supplied with moisture. Tension subsides and the skin becomes smoother.

Light oil-in-water emulsions are quickly absorbed, do not become greasy, but still provide the skin with everything it needs.

On the other hand, you should avoid ingredients such as parabens, mineral oils and PEG derivatives. Also too many perfume substances can provide for skin irritations.

It is important that you look into the ingredients of body and skin care products before using them.

Companies like Schrammek specialize in developing and shipping dermatologically high-quality body care products and have many years of experience in this field.

Natural substances such as birch, horse chestnut or sweet clover activate the skin metabolism and have a detoxifying effect. The skin gets more elasticity.

Massages and suitable body care products for a toned body

Massages have an extremely relaxing effect, especially in winter. A good massage promotes your blood circulation and thus improves the firmness of the skin.

For women it also prevents cellulite. Together with a balanced diet, good care and regular exercise, massages can give the tissues more strength.

By the age of thirty at the latest, the elasticity and tension of the tissue decreases. Women also tend to accumulate more fat cells, biologically speaking, in order to be prepared for breastfeeding.

Female sex hormones promote the elasticity of the connective tissue in order to be able to ensure the required stretching without problems in the case of potential pregnancies. So even slim women can have problems with weak connective tissue.

Massages ensure good blood circulation and thus also help to remove harmful substances. They can help to avoid fat deposits and to flush out water that has accumulated, especially in the legs.

Warming massages and other heat treatments are very beneficial, especially in cold temperatures outside.

Very common is the warming full bath with stimulating or relaxing essential oils.

Fango or mud packs can be perfectly combined with massage and retain heat for a long time.

The substances contained have both a therapeutic and a caring effect. The so-called hot roll is often used in physiotherapy and offers the possibility to loosen muscles in a gentle way.

For this, a funnel-shaped rolled towel is soaked with hot water and used for the massage.