Be 100% informed about allergies

health-allergy.en – be 100% informed about allergies

Dear readers, our page is an information site about allergies.

On our homepage you will learn what an allergy is, how it develops, which allergy tests are available and what you can do acutely and preventively against your allergy.

Allergies differ in their nature. We explain you, in the constant development, the different allergy types.

Currently these are occupational allergy, sun allergy, animal allergy and hay fever. Look in regularly, in order to be informed about further kinds!

Pollen calendar with pollen radar

Among the types of allergies, hay fever is one of the most common allergic diseases. Here it was especially important to us to be able to give you a real added value in dealing with your disease.

We have implemented this with the combination of a general pollen calendar, when fly statistically which pollen, and a current pollen radar, where flies what currently.

The pollen calendar is also available as a free download. So you can print the calendar and put it in your wallet or with your private documents for reference.

You can easily use the pollen radar with your cell phone on the way. It is enough to enter a postal code or a place to see which of the 15 most common pollens are currently on the move there.

Including a forecast for the next six days.

Current articles and topics on the subject of allergies

In our “News” section we regularly publish articles on current topics. How do you recognize z.B., whether you have a cold or already hay fever.

Or we give you more information about allergies, z.B. on the subject of cross-allergy (important to know if you suffer from hay fever!). Here are more regular blog entries planned. Take a look!

We are also happy to take up your tips or suggestions here, please write to us.

We in the editorial team are all personally affected by allergies. We know that an allergy can negatively affect your everyday life and that it can take away a piece of your quality of life.

Helping you to recapture that little bit of quality is our incentive. We will continue to expand our help for self-help and do our part for your relief.

Home remedies, product and medication recommendations for allergies

This also happens with our latest service, the product recommendations! This idea also came from you! Several times the question about home remedies and medication recommendations was asked.

You lacked up to now our help also in this regard. An important point, because maybe you don’t want to know why, wherefore and at all. You just want to know: How do I get rid of it?!

So we sat down in the editorial team and thought about how we can do this in terms of content and technology.

Out came our collaboration with one of the world’s largest online retailers! Nice side effect for us: We receive a small commission for each successful recommendation, your price does not change thereby in any way.

So we are glad about every Euro, which we will reinvest in the page, in order to be able to inform you also further always up-to-date and free of charge.

Our product recommendations are divided into the categories breathing, glasses, fly screens, home remedies, medications, sleeping and other products. Browse, the offer is huge!

We wish you a symptom-free allergy season and many great carefree moments!