Massage – history, forms and areas of application

The massage – History and application

It belongs to the oldest remedies in our history. To this day, even the origin of the word “massage” remains unexplained.
The first indications can be found as early as 2600 b. Chr. With the Chinese.

These describe certain hand grips and gymnastic exercises.

To Europe the massage came finally by the Greek physician Hippokrates, was developed further and found application with the rehablitation of Gladiatoren.

Soon, however, society lost interest in this remedy.

Only to the 16.In the 16th century, at the end of the Middle Ages, the alchemist and physician Paracelsus, as well as the French military doctor Ambroisé Paré, who used massages after operations, brought them back into play.

In 18.In the 19th century, massage was first integrated into homeopathy by the German physician.

This was followed by the so-called. “Swedish era”, which was initiated by the foundation of the “Central Institute of Therapeutic Gymnastics and Massage” by Pehr Henrik Ling.

Ling’s concept of gymnastics and massage was taught there, which was quickly adopted by the Americans, but was not introduced in Germany until the end of the 19th century. It was popularized by the orthopedist Hoffa at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Now more and more certain massage grips have been found and basics of somatotopy have been discovered. The German sports physician Wofgang Kohlrausch then researched for the first time the influence of certain stimuli on the skin on internal organs.

A few years later, the Danes Estrid and Emil Vodder developed lymphatic drainage, which is now extremely widespread in manual therapy.

Forms of massage

In the meantime, many different forms of massage have developed. Roughly speaking, a distinction is made between direct massages (sports massage, lymphatic drainage, Thai massage, etc.) and massages.) Reflective massages (colon massage, acupressure, key zone massage, etc.).) and erotic massages Tantra massage, Tao massage, etc.).

Also in the technology is currently more and more developed in the direction of massage and relaxation devices. Often such devices work with rollers, vibrators and rotating rollers and should thereby tension-relieving and blood circulation-promoting effect.

However, such devices are mostly used for private purposes, or in department stores and other public institutions, where the customer usually pays by inserting a coin.

Applications of the massage

Massages are really used in all areas, be it high blood pressure, skin diseases, fatigue, allergies and even toothache. Exactly, it happens more often nowadays that toothache is treated for example by acupuncture.

Of course, this only serves to relieve the pain and can not heal the tooth itself. Toothache is usually caused by inflamed nerves or decayed teeth.

To solve this problem or to prevent it from happening in the first place, you can simply visit, for example, the dental practice of make an appointment.

Every 6 months a competent doctor should look at your teeth. Care should be taken three times a day to keep your teeth clean and pure. But normal tooth brushing reaches at most 70 percent of the tooth surface. Dental floss and mouth rinses help to remedy this situation.

Inflamed gums or diseased teeth can cause significant damage to your body. If left untreated for a long period of time, bacteria can spread throughout the body.

This can lead to back pain, diabetes, or even a stroke. To prevent this, visit a preventive examination with an expert at best.