Hypnosis – An alternative way for more quality of life

Hypnosis – alternative way for more quality of life

Our everyday life is stressful and full, plagued by bad habits, health risks and psychological pressure.

Many patients show various symptoms of stress, suffer from pain of a psychosomatic nature, develop an addiction or become overweight due to poor eating habits, lack of exercise and time deficit.

Conventional medicine is often of little help, but all these aspects have a serious effect on the course of health.

Therefore, more and more people are turning to alternative medical methods – and some of them are making progress on a wide variety of levels.

What can hypnosis do?

Most people know hypnosis only from the media, which report control of the subjects, in a sometimes not very credible and almost frightening way.

Of course, hypnosis in alternative medical treatment looks quite different. With hypnosis the person is neither will-less nor unconscious. Show hypnosis should not be confused with therapeutic hypnosis.

The possible applications of hypnotherapy are varied, but quite well known are treatments of fears and phobias, as well as mental illnesses, weight reduction, freedom from smoking and also treatments of other addictions.

By influencing the subconscious a balance is reached, which enables the person to achieve a state conducive to good health.

The Joweissco hypnosis in Berlin speaks of a teamwork, because the therapist and the patient are equally involved in the process.

Hypnosis is a complex healing process that requires extensive knowledge from various fields of medicine and psychology.

Hypnosis and science

Hypnotherapy should by no means remain a mystery: numerous research projects are currently taking place in a wide variety of countries to investigate and prove every aspect of hypnotherapy.

Some psychotherapists have also worked for scientific recognition and have achieved great success with it.

Smoke free with hypnotherapy

Germany currently has about 26% smokers among adults. Considering how seriously harmful smoking is to the whole organism, this number is enormously high.

Everybody knows about the damage caused by smoking, and yet it doesn’t stop people from pursuing the addiction. But the suffering pressure is large, most smokers wish it more or less strongly to stop smoking. Here hypnotherapy can provide relief.

It is a scientifically recognized and proven therapy against nicotine addiction. To stop usually also includes a lot of frustration, usually many attempts have already failed and the suffering pressure is high.

Patients feel at the mercy of addiction, fail again and again, have physical complaints. In several sessions, however, the addiction can be treated well.

Relaxation and reaching the subconscious mind can create a completely different starting point for getting out of addiction. Usually several hypnosis sessions are necessary, but at least two sessions are needed.

Weight reduction with hypnosis

Also overweight plagues many Germans. The pressure of suffering is of different nature: on the one hand there is the aesthetic component, because our society sets standards for beauty.

Whether the norms and expectations are healthy is debatable, because the slimming craze leads some people just as much into illness as obesity does.

On the other hand, the health component is scientifically proven, overweight is one of the risk factors of very many diseases.

Excess weight puts a strain on joints and the entire musculoskeletal system, promotes cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, strokes and can promote heart failure and heart attacks.

Hypnotherapy can be used to establish a healthy relationship with food and exercise and reduce suffering. As with smoking, most people with obesity have already tried countless diets and supplements, often unsuccessfully or with a very short effect and subsequent gain.

The goal is to achieve a healthy lifestyle for permanent normal weight and healthy body functions. The psychological aspect is equally crucial, because recognition in society as well as personal self-esteem are often dependent on a person’s appearance.

Hypnotherapy also achieves an increase in self-awareness and a realistic and healthy relationship with one’s own body.