Guarana – The well-tolerated coffee alternative from Brazil

Guarana – The coffee alternative from Brazil

For most people it is unthinkable to get through even one day without caffeine. In the morning after getting up, the hand almost automatically reaches for espresso, cappuccino or coffee.

However, there are certainly alternatives to the typical coffee drinks. These have an even more effective effect and are also healthier. One of these alternatives comes from Brazil, for example: guarana.

The Brazilian stimulant is offered in different dosage forms, for example, guarana capsules and tablets are now available from many suppliers.

Guarana is also often added to other beverages. The following article shows what lies behind the coffee alternative and what positive effects Guarana can score with.

Guarana with much higher caffeine content than conventional coffee

No matter whether as a fight against the low in the afternoon, in the morning in the office or directly with breakfast – most people cannot do without the stimulating and wake-up effect of coffee for one day.

On average, Germans drink around three to four cups of black happiness per day. The main reason for this is the invigorating effect of the caffeine contained in the coffee.

The effect can be noticed shortly after drinking coffee, though it usually disappears as quickly as it came. With guarana, however, this looks different.

The caffeine content in the plant from Brazil is about four times that of conventional coffee. In the process, caffeine enters the bloodstream much more slowly after consumption, allowing the energy boost to last for a full nine hours.

But this is not the only advantage with which the Brazilian plant convinces.

Guarana offers these benefits

Besides the high caffeine content, there are many more reasons to use guarana instead of coffee.

The natural wake-up call
The plant from Brazil contains not only caffeine, but also theophylline and theobromine. Through these ingredients, the body is stimulated in a completely natural way and an emerging fatigue is prevented.

Against pain
In addition, the circulation of blood in the body is supported and optimized by the plant. The sensation of pain benefits from this, in that pain is perceived as weaker.

Combat stress
Although it may sound strange at first, guarana has not only a stimulating effect, but also a calming effect. This supports the reduction of stress, which has a mood-lifting effect.

Increased performance
Performance is significantly supported by the consumption of guarana. In addition, the Brazilian plant is even able to counteract migraines.

Natural aphrodisiac
In addition, the libido is increased by Guarana. Therefore, it is also valued as nature’s aphrodisiac.

Support digestion
After consumption, the effect of guarana unfolds only in the intestine. Therefore, the natural product can also be attributed a cleansing and detoxifying effect.

Natural blood thinner
Caffeine and catechins are contained in guarana. These two ingredients have a blood-thinning effect. How to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Guarana instead of coffee

Due to the numerous positive effects on the organism, guarana should be taken more often instead of the daily coffee.

Especially in terms of tolerability, the Brazilian awakener is ahead of the game, and you can also benefit from the much longer-lasting energy boost and other health benefits of the plant from Brazil.