Copaiba oil – for skin problems – for skin care

Copaiba oil for skin problems and skin care

The Copaiba tree is native to the Amazon region. Copaiba oil is extracted from the copaiba tree by piercing/notching the bark of the trunk. The oil thus obtained has long been used by Amazonian Indians and native peoples for skin care and skin problems due to its beneficial ingredients.

What Copaiba oil can be used for?

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the many beta-caryophyllenes in Copaiba oil, it has been used to treat inflammatory skin blemishes as well as a sunscreen or massage oil. As a massage oil, it is relaxing (especially for the joints as well – u.a. for joint pain to sprains) and for skin care a boon for dry skin, the skin is stimulated and remains beautifully soft and elastic.

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