Spring – time to purify and detoxify with medicinal herbs

Detoxing with herbs in spring

Spring is here and it’s time to purify, detoxify and cleanse the blood. With which herbs this can succeed and how, we present to you.

Medicinal herbs cure in spring

Just now in spring the medicinal herbs sprout only so from the earth. Where best to look if you don’t have a garden or live in the big city? What is actually suitable in the spring for detoxification and what medicinal herbs can be used for this purpose?

Superfood nettle

Probably the best-known of all plants in our latitudes is the stinging nettle. It is excellent now in the spring to properly detoxify and purify.

Due to its high content of silicic acid, inflammation in the body can be limited in rheumatic complaints, aluminum can be discharged and skin, nails, hair can be strengthened.

The fact that the urinary tract is cleansed and the body is strengthened are only two positive side effects. This super food can also be used in cases of poor performance or libido.

Stinging nettle is the most iron-rich native plant and has a highly blood-purifying and blood-forming effect. For spring fatigue, loss of appetite and anemia, it is a wonderful helper.

Its vitamin C content alone per 100 grams of edible plant content, is 333 mg, whereas an ordinary leaf lettuce offers only 13mg of vitamin C. For two to six weeks, you can take the nettle as an alcohol-free extract, drops, seeds or tea to really cleanse your body.

Fountain of youth dandelion

Dandelion is already being tested in cancer research at universities with amazing results. It is a true fountain of youth, as it has a cell rejuvenating and blood purifying effect.

It is a real power plant when it comes to stimulating digestion and detoxifying our liver, gall bladder and pancreas. The bitter substances are what make the dandelion so incredibly valuable. It can also be used for allergies.

Two to three weeks of it daily, as an extract, drops, tea or fresh from the meadow, strengthens the body and purifies it. Here, the positive effect on digestion is inclusive.

Wonder plant cistus

The rockrose is not only said to have healing powers, but various studies even prove this. No wonder that the most polyvitamin-rich plant in Europe has so much power in it, it is also one of the myrrh-containing plants.

It has no problem with viruses, bacteria and fungi, as it can prevent pathogens from multiplying.

Studies have shown that cistus can bind heavy metals within 6 weeks and eliminate them through the urine. At the same time you can strengthen your immune system and counteract inflammation.

Skin conditions such as acne, have been successfully treated for centuries with the help of rockrose. Other applications are neurodermatitis and fungal infections.

For a cure one takes cistus 2 x in the morning as extract, drops or tea. Drink a lot of lukewarm water in the afternoon to rinse for 6 weeks.

Scientists and book authors have studied the effects of cystus in detail and have come to the conclusion that its versatility is almost unbelievable.