Reverse osmosis system – clean drinking water without pollutants

Clean drinking water thanks to reverse osmosis system

Many people already use water filters or a reverse osmosis system and there is a reason for that. The quality of German drinking water often leaves much to be desired in large parts of Germany.

Sometimes the groundwater is so polluted that it has to be additionally chlorinated despite sewage treatment plants. How should the inhabitants react in this case? You are not allowed to drink tap water before it has been boiled.

Now let’s assume that the water does not need to be chlorinated, but still contains many bacteria and other pollutants. Logically, such water makes the human body sick.

To escape from this, there is a solution: the reverse osmosis system. How this works and what advantage such a plant has for your own body, we would like to tell you here.

A reverse osmosis system filters up to 99 percent of all harmful substances

As already mentioned, there are numerous pollutants in any drinking water. Among them are not only bacteria, but also chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, mold, drug residues and limescale.

All these pollutants can make people sick. The joke here is that the drinking water is only checked for a little more than 30 pollutants, although there can be several thousand disease-causing substances in the water.

The situation is similar with the popular bottled mineral water. This also does not need to be tested for all substances that may be in it. Man thus ingests harmful substances every day.

The effect of water from the reverse osmosis plant

A reverse osmosis system can filter most of the harmful substances from the water. The rule here is that the more filters a system has, the more pollutants are removed. Of course, the filter also takes a very big influence on the removal of the substances. The smaller the flow in the membrane, the less pollutants pass through it.

High-quality reverse osmosis systems are therefore able to let through only the purest water substances. The result? A water as pure as mountain water. It is a fact that pure mountain water is able to strengthen the immune system. Primitive people who feed themselves only with such water enjoy lifelong health.

But that’s not all: the water that has been forced through a reverse osmosis system is able to draw important nutrients from food and deliver them to the cells. Subsequently, this water is able to absorb all the toxins that are in the body and excrete them through the kidneys.

Water from a reverse osmosis system thus pursues two goals: All pollutants are filtered out so that they do not enter the human body in the first place. In addition, all toxins already present in the body are absorbed and flushed out again. The result: an all-round healthy and happy body.