Alternative medicine practitioners – treatment methods and training

Treatment methods and training of the Heilpraktiker

After passing the licensing examination, the permission to lead the title „Heilpraktiker/In“ combined with the permission to „exercise the healing arts without Bestallung“ is granted. This includes physical, as well as psychological, ailments.

Thus, a licensed alternative practitioner may also practice psychotherapy. The permission extends on the entire federal territory and is valid without temporal restriction. In principle, the alternative practitioner, similar to the doctor, has a so-called. „Therapiefreiheit“. He is allowed to do everything that is not regulated by laws, directives, regulations, court decisions, etc. was restricted or forbidden.

Heilpraktikerinnen and welfare practical men and women are keepers of the naturopathy. Your profession is characterized by a long tradition of naturopathic and folk healing experience. It is a state-recognized, democratically legitimized, independent healing profession on the legal basis of the Heilpraktikergesetz (law on non-medical practitioners).

Naturopaths work on a holistic basis. They not only treat symptoms of their patients, but also take into account their involvement and relationships with the closer and wider social environment.

Holistic medicine sees the organ and mental functions of the sick person not only in an isolated juxtaposition, it is also and especially concerned with finding the causes of organic and mental disorders, with grasping the complexity of a clinical picture.

The different naturopathic therapy methods address the self-regulating forces of the organism; they are medical healing methods that serve to prevent, cure or at least alleviate illnesses.

Valuable experiences and proven methods of the naturopathy were still until few years by the orthodox medicine partly smiled at, partly fought against. In the meantime, numerous therapeutic methods have been scientifically confirmed, and it is not without reason that more and more orthodox physicians are turning to gentle medicine.

Thanks to their undisputed healing successes, naturopaths today enjoy widespread recognition among the population. The holistic therapies have their firm place in the medical science and find especially in the last years a constantly growing popularity. In order to be able to use them specifically for the benefit of the patient, careful and responsible training is required.

Procedures and therapies of the alternative practitioner

All methods of natural and empirical medicine have the goal of stimulating and promoting the natural healing process. This is done in the gentlest possible way, avoiding side effects as much as possible. non-medical practitioner uses only those procedures that have been proven over many years of experience to be low-risk. These are z.B.:

The Phytotherapy or herbal medicine uses the extensive treasure of domestic, to a lesser extent foreign medicinal plants for naturopathic treatment. The alternative practitioner prescribes both ready-made medicines on a herbal basis, as well as teas or tea mixtures, possibly also the fresh plant or plant juice.

The Homeopathy is a healing method developed by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann. During homeopathic treatment, so-called initial aggravations often occur as part of the natural healing process with the symptoms of the disease being treated homeopathically.

However, symptoms of diseases that the patient had suffered in the past and which were not fully healed may also appear. These are important phases of the healing process, which should not be interfered with by other methods.

The Acupuncture is a regulation therapy of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. By inserting needles made of gold, silver or steel into special stimulation points, functional disorders are corrected and pain conditions are temporarily or permanently alleviated or eliminated.

Side effects are not known. Reddening of the skin around the needles is a sign of a therapeutic reaction and is therefore considered to be favorable. In chronic pain conditions (z.B. migraine), acupuncture as an alternative to drug therapies can prevent addiction or contribute to the treatment of drug addiction.

In the case of Electro-acupuncture the effect of the needles is intensified by weak electric currents, whereby either stimulating or dampening impulses are emitted. The electric current is hardly perceived by the patient; there is no risk to health.

The Ear acupuncture is a reflex therapy in which acupuncture needles are inserted into stimulation points on the ear, which correspond to organic or psychological functions. When these are disturbed, the electrical resistance of the skin above the corresponding point on the ear decreases (in a way that is not yet clear) and can be measured. Ear acupuncture has been developed into a universal form of therapy.

Weight reduction with permanent ear acupuncture needles and non-smoking ear acupuncture are effective therapeutic aids for weight loss and nicotine addiction. side effects are not known. Especially in smoking cessation, ear acupuncture in combination with hypnotherapy is very effective and leads to lasting success.

The Baunscheidtism is a proven discharge method through the skin. In this procedure, an artificial skin stimulus is produced on certain areas: the skin is needled with a Baunscheidt device. and after that a certain oil is left to take effect. During the healing of these specifically placed irritant pustules, the body’s own defenses are stimulated and harmful substances are eliminated.

The Neural therapy is a universal and highly effective healing method developed by the two German physicians Ferdinand and Walter Huneke. in which a local anesthetic is injected into specific reaction points on the skin, in the connective tissue, in the muscles, at nerve endings or blood vessels. In rare cases of intolerance, allergic defense reactions against the drug may occur. Other side effects have not occurred so far.

The Bloodletting Is a non-drug, rapidly effective method for thinning the blood. In this procedure, a smaller amount of the viscous blood (with a high concentration of hemoglobin) is taken out. This fluid loss is quickly replaced by thin blood plasma, thus relieving the heart. because the naturally thinned blood can flow more easily through the fine blood vessels.

Own blood can be a highly effective medicine in many cases, completely free of side effects. A small amount of venous blood is injected into the gluteal muscle to create an artificial bruise. It is transported away and excreted by the blood and lymphatic system with noticeable activation of the body’s own defenses. During these reactions can occur temporarily a Mattigkeitsgefühl.

Against venous congestion, thrombosis and inflammation is the Leech treatment a proven remedy. The medicinal leeches release hirudin, a salivary gland secretion that has anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant effects without changing the properties of the blood. A leech sucks about 5 to 7 grams of blood; in case of – therapeutically desired – secondary bleeding, during a period of up to 20 hours, another approx. 20 grams of blood (i.e. very small quantities) from.

The method rediscovered by the American David Daniel Palmer Chiropractic was used for decades almost exclusively by alternative practitioners, but is now also recognized by doctors. It is based on the knowledge that by correcting vertebral misalignments (i.e. displacements of vertebrae), blockages and disturbances of the nerve tracts emerging between the vertebrae can be eliminated, and thus lasting improvement can be achieved in many ailments.

Cupping is an ancient healing method, which survived in the practices of alternative practitioners and now finds its scientific confirmation. It is a stimulation therapy, through which the body’s own defense systems are activated. Cupping is the process of placing cupping heads on the skin at specific points (which are lightly scratched beforehand in the case of bloody cupping), in which a negative pressure has previously been created by heating. It can also be used to relieve muscle stiffness in subcutaneous cellular tissue.

The Cantharides patch serves to eliminate harmful substances, i.e. detoxification via the skin. The plaster is prepared with the animal substance Qantharidin, which causes a blister (comparable to a burn blister) within one day. The irritated skin area is strongly supplied with blood and harmful substances are excreted via the lymphatic fluid into the bladder.

Training as a non-medical practitioner

  • With the Heilpraktiker self-study you receive an optimal examination preparation, without high costs, long journeys and with free time organization.
  • Only after passing the exam it makes sense to invest time and money in a therapeutic education.
  • This self-study is specifically designed to provide basic knowledge and understanding close to exam time. Medical knowledge is not necessary.

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