Modern contraceptives and the possibilities of use

Modern contraceptives and their possible applications

Today’s medicine and drugs are becoming more and more advanced and allow for more and more applications. It is the same in the field of contraceptives.

Whereas a few years ago there was little choice, today the pharmaceutical industry offers a wide range of contraceptives.

Both hormonal and non-hormonal means of contraception are available to the woman.

This allows the female sex to use contraception in the way that is most convenient and also easiest for them.

The tolerability of the various preparations is also much better today than it was in the past.

The contraceptive ring as an alternative to the pill

Although the current market offers a new generation of the pill, there are still many women who do not tolerate the birth control pill for various reasons.

The signs of such intolerance can be different. Another option in such cases is the vaginal or contraceptive ring.

This also prevents conception through hormones, but the dose is much lower than that of the pill.

Insertion is done by the woman herself and removal is not a problem after 3 weeks of use.

The birth control pill – The most commonly used contraceptive

The majority of women rely on the birth control pill for contraception. This may be mainly due to the uncomplicated application.

Only regular use is necessary to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Birth control pills come in different dosages and some also differ in the way they are administered.

For example, with the help of the pill it is even possible to eliminate menstruation.

However, users should be aware that there are various factors that can inhibit the reliability of the pill.

These include z.B. infections, taking certain medications and irregular intake or forgetting to take the product.

In these cases, a condom should be used for temporary safety.

Contraception can also be used without hormones

Even though hormonal contraceptives are available, there are still women who cannot or do not want to use them.

On the one hand, some women react negatively to hormone supplementation and on the other hand, many women do not want to expose themselves to unnecessary hormones.

In such cases, z.B. IUDs without hormone delivery, diaphragms or condoms on.

The most uncomplicated method is still the condom, which offers additional protection against sexually transmitted and infectious diseases.

These should not be disregarded and especially with a partner whom you have not known for a long time, the use of a condom should be emphasized.