Ginkgo as a remedy – feel the elemental power of nature

Ginkgo as remedy – the Urkraft of nature feel

The Ginkgo bilboa takes an absolute special position in the terrestrial flora. Finally it existed already before approximately 250 million years – thus still before the dinosaurs rose to the rulers of the world.

For a long time, this tree was considered extinct, only in the late 17. In the nineteenth century, a German botanist rediscovered a ginkgo tree in Japan. The natives have known for a long time that this plant has a medicinal effect, as they consumed the nuts and seeds for their digestive properties.

In addition, the ginkgo tree also has other health-promoting effects.

Ginkgo as a remedy in traditional Chinese medicine

While Ginkgo is proven as a remedy in the Traditional Chinese medicine, it is meanwhile also used in the Homöopathie and the classical school medicine with a broad pallet at illnesses.

Above all against high blood pressure, dementia, achievement disturbances of the brain and Tinnitus Ginkgo is considered as welfare means. In addition, it is used for colds, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, cystitis and depressive moods. Other uses include headaches, impotence and PMS.

This is how the active ingredients of Gingko are administered

Because Ginkgo is used as a remedy against a multiplicity of complaints, also the respective dosage forms differ partly substantially from each other. The most common remedies include tablets, dragées, globules or drops.

In addition, body lotions, creams and tea are to be found with the different offerers. A distinction is made between these different products primarily with regard to the dosage of active ingredients. External application, for example in the form of body lotions, is usually completely harmless.

Here the ingredients have a positive effect on the appearance and health of the skin. However, now and then it can come to undesirable interactions with other preparations. For this reason, health-conscious consumers should by no means choose the form of self-therapy.

They should co-ordinate the income of Ginkgo preparations better with their physician and if necessary the complete medication on the test stand to put, if possible interactions should be in the area to stand.