Lattice tape treatment for discomfort and many ailments

Grid tape treatment for many complaints

The application of the grid tape is a relatively new, widely used and well proven form of therapy. discomfort alleviate and reduce – relativizes and soothes.

Grid tape treatment to harmonize the energy flow

The treatment is based on Asian medical science as well as the view of muscles. A tape is shaped as a grid – which resembles the relationship of the body muscles to each other to regulate our body.

For some time now, physiotherapists and end users nationwide have been using this treatment with success. The application is known for its ability to quickly restore physical balance.

Through this tape treatment, the circulation of energy through the skin is thus promoted over the wearing time by tapping blood vessels and the body points (Ashi point – sensitive point or also called pain point) of acupuncture.

It controls the tension and relaxation of the tendons and muscles, thus harmonizing the whole body or. the physical balance can be quickly restored.

For headaches or tension pain z.B. directly taping the pressure pain. Lymphatic drainage is stimulated and the congestion can flow away.

The Jovitape® can be used for general nervousness, lumbago, lumbago, tinitus, tooth pain, jaw pain, as well as ankle, ligament and hallux problems caused by standing, walking, running and wearing tight shoes for a long time.

Conclusion: „Blood circulation is promoted and tension can be released“.

Jovitape® – for discomfort and discomfort before and during travel, during sports, dental and jaw problems, digestive problems, tension in the shoulder and neck area, etc..

However, do not use it on wounds, skin inflammation or with existing skin problems.

Jovitape® in everyday life and sports

The original Jovitape® is available in 3 versions. Type A, Type B and Type C.

The table of contents „Booklet Jovitape“ EXTRA for our athletes and end users in German language and with many application possibilities excellently explained.

Jovitape® is waterproof, permeable to air, gentle to the skin, easily removable and can be worn for a long time. material made of 80% polyester, 15% polyurethane and 5% acrylic with thermoplastic adhesive.

The skin-compatible adhesive leaves no residue when removed and is free of active ingredients. CE certified, comply with the Medical Devices Act in Germany.


20 sheets of 9 = 180 pieces, approx. 27 x 22 mm, incl. illustrated instruction manual.

Another variant are crosstapes or also lattice tapes.

These are based on the Far Eastern medical science of acupuncture AcuTop grid tape, also called acupuncture patches, are applied to pain, trigger or acupuncture points.