Gingko biloba – using the healing power of a tree millions of years old

Gingko biloba – using the healing power of a tree millions of years old

The Gingko biloba is a remarkable tree. As „living fossil“ one calls the meanwhile only representative of an extinct tree group, which exists for over 250 million years on our earth. It is characterized by great robustness and longevity, which is why it has been used for medicinal purposes for a very long time.

The fact that the tree with the beautiful leaf shape has healing powers has been known in traditional Chinese medicine since 1000 AD. Traditional Chinese medicine uses seeds, roots and leaves for various diseases such as cough, asthma or bladder infections.

Western medicine has also been using the healing power of Gingko biloba for some time now. However, only plant extracts from the leaves are used here. These have ingredients that can improve cognitive performance. For this reason special extracts with Ginkgo are counted to the Antidementiva.

Gingko biloba – A tree with outstanding abilities

Ginkgo biloba, native to China, has been around for many millions of years. It grows up to 1000 years old and up to 30 meters high. This is due to its resistance, which allowed it to survive the Hiroshima bomb. It is the only plant that sprouts again the next year.

Because the tree is so long-lived, robust and resilient, it came to the attention of traditional Chinese medicine. It was quickly discovered that the tree also has ingredients that have a positive effect on human health.

Gingko biloba – In the leaves is the power

Its healing powers are primarily found in the leaves of ginkgo biloba. Its ingredients can promote blood flow and improve microcirculation to the finest veins. For this reason, the special extracts obtained from the leaves have a positive effect on the flow properties of the blood and the transport of oxygen to the brain cells.

In the special extracts from the leaves flavonoids are contained, which serve as radical catchers for the protection of the cells.

Ginkgo special extracts for memory disorders

Special extracts with Ginkgo are used in the western school medicine predominantly as Antidementiva with dementia patients. Due to their circulation-promoting properties, the special extracts can increase the cognitive brain performance and concentration of dementia patients.

Dementia patients can thus temporarily cope with everyday life again more easily without assistance. Also with normal age-conditioned memory disturbances special extracts with Ginkgo can promote the cognitive efficiency. Because they improve oxygen and nutrient transport to the brain cells as well as cell regeneration, the cells remain fit longer.

By taking the special extracts older people can prevent memory disorders. It is particularly effective in combination with other measures that promote cognitive performance.

This includes a healthy diet, sufficient exercise and participation in social life, as well as targeted memory training. You can find more information about this topic here.