Blueberries and peppers as valuable treasures for health

Peppers and blueberries – valuable treasures for health

Dietary supplements are touted in advertising like hotcakes. But the many pills and capsules are no substitute for a balanced diet. Fresh fruits are still the best helpers to supply the body with all important nutrients.

Bell peppers and blueberries are among the top favorites and prove to be valuable treasures for health. Peppers are considered a super vegetable because of their antioxidants, blueberries are full of vitamins and minerals that benefit health and beauty.

The healing effect of peppers

Peppers come in different varieties – from sweet peppers to extra hot peppers. Peppers support diets and relieve joint pain. Peppers are also used to dull the symptoms of colds. Red, green and yellow peppers are particularly rich in vitamin C.

Just one medium-sized fruit covers a quarter of the daily vitamin C requirement. Peppers relieve digestive problems. The ingredient capsaicin counteracts flatulence or diarrhea. The high calcium content also supports bone formation. In addition, peppers contain high doses of magnesium, iron and potassium.

Peppers promote blood flow

The biochemical capsaicin in peppers promotes blood flow. Regular consumption can even drastically minimize the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The colorful power fruits can relieve migraines and speed up the healing process for muscle injuries. Bell peppers also get the brain going.

Restlessness, irritability and the age-related decline in mental abilities can be alleviated and even prevented by eating peppers. Studies prove the positive effect of peppers in the prevention of dementia diseases. Regular consumption is also said to reduce the risk of cancer.

Blueberries and their health effects

Blueberries are available fresh from the fruit stand from June to September. The blue bickberries have a high health effect and protect against wrinkles. The anthocyanins contained in them clean blood vessels and reduce arterial deposits. Also on the cholesterol values the consumption of blueberries affects positively.

The tannins in blueberries are particularly effective against inflammation and kill germs. The blue fruits are also used externally, for example for poorly healing eczema.

Plant substances in blueberries can delay the aging process

Plant substances in blueberries delay the aging process

About wrinkles are annoying especially women. But expensive anti-aging products often have little or no effect at all. The plant substances in blueberries can delay the aging process and prevent the formation of wrinkles. Flavonoids protect the cells from the attack of free radicals and keep the skin taut longer.

An efficient wrinkle killer is blueberry compote, which unfolds its beneficial effect on the skin. Peppers and blueberries – the two power fruits have valuable properties that support health in a natural way. More effective than any vitamin pill.