Fascia pleasure training – movement, relaxation and sports exercises

The fascia pleasure training for everyday life

Do you also have unused joint angles? How do you manage your stress, and do you sometimes feel that your fasciae and connective tissue are rubbing against your joints like a wool sock that has been washed too hot??

The health trainer Barta-Winkler builds a movement program with relaxation and sport exercises.

These are varied and easy to implement examples that can often also be integrated into everyday office life.

The relaxation part is about tapping, breathing and other techniques.

In the sports section, you’ll activate all the major fascial chains in 15 exercise sequences, with warm-up and mobilization, strengthening and stretching.

The individual exercise sections are explained in detail with photos, videos, accessible at any time through the app, complement the book.

To understand the relationships in the body, the author takes us into sports psychology, stress and brain research, nutrition and the world of hormones.

The author pays special attention to the fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds all our organs and muscles and should remain healthy.

Dr. Elisabeth Barta-Winkler

The fascia pleasure training

Freya publishing house
1. Edition 2021
256 pages throughout in four colors, with many photos
Format: 14,8 x 21 cm
ISBN 978-3-99025-509-4
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The author

Dr.in iur. Elisabeth Barta-Winkler was born 1967 in Schärding and has after the doctorate study of the jurisprudence various specialized educations in the health and Mentaltrainingsbereich completed. She works successfully as a health coach and movement trainer in Linz.

With great commitment she supports private persons, companies and organizations with her health project. Health education is very important to her; therefore she holds lectures, seminars, workshops and courses.