Find yoga clothes for a relaxing body feeling

Yoga clothing for the right occasion

Yoga is a philosophical teaching from India, which includes a wide range of different physical and mental exercises, such as Asanas, Yama or meditation. Literally translated yoga means as much as integration or also union. Here soul and body should be united. The people who perform these exercises should „merge with God“.

Yoga clothing – But what is the appropriate?

As previously mentioned, yoga also involves physical movements and therefore it is important that yoga clothing has a high feel-good factor or. conveys. This is a decisive criterion for the purchase of the respective clothing, because it must feel good on the skin. In yoga, the individual should relax completely, so the clothes must contribute to a relaxed body feeling and the previously mentioned movements, such yoga clothes must also be able to do.

If these criteria are met and in addition feminine cuts are a characteristic of the clothing, then you are on the right track. Selected yoga clothing is available at the yogashop asanayoga.en.

Do not lose sight of the responsibility in fashion

The philosophy of yoga is that every person should be mindful of the environment and themselves. This philosophy invites you to do just that. Therefore, when buying yoga clothing, care should be taken to ensure that natural resources are preserved during production. Often yoga clothing is made of organic and certified cotton. Make sure that no chemical fertilizers or pesticides have been used.

In this way, the fertility of the soil, but also the health of the workers is guaranteed. If the individual fabrics are subsequently dyed, then this should be done according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The metal parts used should be nickel-free and the buttons, for example, made of natural material. In most cases natural fiber sewing yarns are used.

It should be also really paid attention to the value and sustainability of the yoga clothing when buying, because if not constantly new clothes must be made, then the mountains of waste will also be smaller, because the resources of the environment are spared. As previously mentioned, soft fabrics, a feminine cut and also the right color of clothing are responsible for making the wearer feel good.

A nice bonus, which is also often found in yoga clothing, is that a symbol is sewn on the inside of the garment. These symbols are dedicated to the respective wearer and are supposed to bring them luck. The wearers should feel absolutely comfortable in these clothes, both during the exercises and in everyday life.