Natural cosmetics for the family – skin-friendly and animal-free

Natural cosmetics for the whole family

Because not only the rough weather, the heating air and the sun put to the skin every day, for example, but also the daily shower harms it.

Through the daily „washing“ of the skin, its own protective film is washed down much faster than it can produce again itself.

To ensure that the skin receives adequate care, it is important to use care products that are skin-friendly, and natural cosmetics are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Natural cosmetics – Here vegetable raw materials are used

When natural cosmetics are produced, they use raw materials such as vegetable/essential oils, emulsifiers, plant extracts and additives such as food fragrances.

Since these raw materials that are used, all come from nature, they are much more suitable for body care than the substances that are artificially/industrially produced. In natural cosmetics, all substances that are suspected of harming the body in any way are taboo.

These include, for example, substances such as aluminum, bleaching agents, hormonally active substances, mineral oils and silicones. Due to the fact that all these substances are not contained in the cosmetics from nature, this is also much better suited to care for the sensitive skin of babies and young children. Even in puberty, natural cosmetics can help to improve acne.

If a member of the family suffers from an allergy, then the ingredients of natural cosmetics should also be studied carefully. Because especially the creams or soaps often contain allergenic substances such as arnica, so that an allergic reaction in the form of itchy skin or rash can form.

In addition, a great advantage of natural cosmetics is that the manufacturers guarantee that no animal testing is used for the manufacture of products to test their effectiveness. Unfortunately, this is still partly the case with „conventional“ cosmetics.