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Purchase Travel Insurance (Even When Travelling Within Canada)

Travel insurance is usually advocated and TICO registered journey corporations are required to advise you of the provision of journey cancellation coverage and out-of-province health insurance on the time of the booking.

  • Purchase medical health insurance

    • OHIP may additionally handiest cowl a part of your charges in case you become unwell or are concerned in an coincidence
    • Make positive you have got good enough insurance for the usa
    • For extra data and guidelines see the Travel Health Insurance Association’s (THIA) Canadian Traveller Insurance Guide

  • Purchase journey cancellation coverage

    • You may not assume to cancel your holiday plans however the sudden may occur and cancellation expenses from airways, cruise traces, hotels, and excursion agencies can amount to as a great deal as a hundred%
    • For greater records read the TICO weblog: Need To Cancel Your Trip? Why Trip Cancellation Insurance Is Important

  • Consider buying tour insurance even if traveling within Canada

    • Not all clinical fees are blanketed by means of OHIP
    • Ambulance prices are not blanketed
    • Other medical costs won’t be covered consisting of: prescribed drugs, dental emergencies, and emergency room offerings or in-affected person services.
    • For greater facts, study the TICO blog: Do I Need Travel Insurance When Travelling Within Canada?

Take A Few Extra Precautions When Booking Travel Online

Are you taking into consideration purchasing tour services on line? With all of the selections to be had online it can every now and then turn out to be a touch overwhelming to realize you are making a smart travel buy. For that delivered peace of mind and to ensure you’re making an knowledgeable selection, right here are some simple things to keep in mind:

  • Know who you are coping with. Ontario travel outlets are required to show their cope with, phone range, and TICO registration variety
  • Know in which your credit card price goes. Some web sites are handiest “engines like google” or booking agents for other providers
  • Make sure which you review the terms and conditions, specially those that relate to cancellation, adjustments to bookings and refundability. Know what the travel agent or excursion operator’s duties are
  • Keep a paper copy of your transactions, correspondence, and confirmations
  • Double test which forex the charges are quoted in
  • For additional on-line tour guidelines, study the tico weblog: Booking Travel Online? nine Tips To Ensure Nothing Goes Wrong

Booking a flight yourself? For your tour safety bear in mind a number of these extra tips:

  • Know what type of flight you’re reserving. Is it an instantaneous flight? Is it a connecting flight?
  • Be certain to know which airline you’re booked with. Some flights may be code-sharing and mix-united statesdo take place
  • Make positive all facts entered is correct. Booking errors can without problems occur.
  • If you made a booking error, read our blog: Oops I Made An Online Booking Error, Now What Do I Do?
  • Avoid lacking your flight. Here are 5 pointers to check-in on time
  • Airlines can still deny boarding because of overbooking. Here are 3 suggestions to keep away from overbooked flights

Do Your Research & Ask The Right Questions

Part of the amusing in a vacation lies in planning, so get concerned! If you’re now not familiar with a particular destination, the net can be a superb useful resource for data. Check to see if the TICO registered journey enterprise has facts online about your precise vacation spot to help you make the right choice. Keep in mind that special standards of residing and practices may additionally exist outdoor of Canada. Ask your buddies and your journey agent approximately excursion spots they could propose and in the event that they have been happy with the trip. First-hand references will offer the excellent tips however handiest you know what you really want out of your vacation time.

  • Ask if there are any extra prices and prices.
  • Ask if they have any useful records about your vacation spot. For example:

    • Has the lodge facility been inspected recently?
    • What sort of excursions, sports or activities are to be had?

  • Research the inn earlier than you e book. There’s no global wellknown for motel ratings
  • Find the proper tour agent for you. Here are 6 hints to find the best tour agent

Know the Terms and Conditions of your Booking

Before you affirm your journey services on-line or affirm together with your travel agent in character, make certain you examine and/or understand the terms and situations of the journey services being bought. Your tour agent is required to reveal the phrases and conditions with you at the time of reserving. Make certain that you evaluate the phrases and conditions, in particular people who relate to cancellation, changes to bookings and refundability.

Travel with the Right Travel Documentation

Ontario tour retailers are required to disclose all of the tour documentation requirements for everyone touring. Make photocopies of your files and leave a copy in the back of with a family or pal in case of emergency. Make sure to check your passports and every other tour documentation to make certain they have got no longer expired. To avoid sadness, don’t wait till the remaining minute to apply on your journey documentation. You will want:

  • Tickets
  • Itineraries
  • Passports
  • Insurance policy
  • Identification
  • Credit cards
  • In a few cases, international fitness certificate and listing of vaccines
  • Read extra on our weblog: 3 Travel Tips To Always Travel With The Proper Documents

Keep all Travel Booking Receipts

Your Ontario journey employer is needed to offer you with a receipt/invoice for all payment transactions, specially when paying in coins. When you are shopping tour offerings on-line, it’s miles encouraged which you maintain a paper copy of all transactions, correspondence, confirmations, and anything else related to your on line booking. This ought to also encompass the description of your inn and the offerings and services. This is evidence of your booking. The receipt/bill have to outline information of the travel offerings which you have bought. Always maintain all authentic files such as receipts, invoices, lower back cheques, credit card slips, and credit score card statements in case you need to refer back to them.

Know Baggage Rules & What to Pack

Ask your journey agent or your airline what, if any, protection necessities there are for bring-on and checked luggage. For example, there may be prohibited gadgets which include gels and beverages. Also, take into account that there may be luggage regulations that restrict the variety of baggage that you are accredited. Weight regulations also might also practice. These limitations range from airline to airline. To keep away from disappointment or any additional fees, make certain to contact the airline, your journey agent, or go to the air service’s internet site to review the baggage policy. Read underneath for extra baggage suggestions:

  • Clearly label all baggage along with your name, home address, and get in touch with facts
  • Place an identity tag inside the luggage in case the outdoor tag is torn off
  • Lock bags with travel locks
  • Put a colourful ribbon or other identifying marks on your baggage so they are without problems recognizable
  • Carry valuables for your hand luggage; jewelry, money, medicinal drugs, vital documents, and so forth.
  • Avoid paying pointless baggage prices. Here are 6 suggestions to avoid getting dinged by using airline bags prices
  • Was your baggage lost or damaged? Here are 3 guidelines to receive repayment for damaged baggage

Personal Security

When visiting, continually don’t forget the following:

  • Don’t display pricey jewelry
  • Keep your valuables well hid
  • Hitch-hiking is extremely risky
  • Be aware about safety troubles whilst choosing your accommodation
  • Avoid rooms with smooth get admission to from the outside
  • Be alert of the conditions taking place round you
  • Read greater on the TICO weblog: 6 Safety Travel Tips For Travelling Abroad

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