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The authorities of the United States of America (USA) enforces a strict entry regime. New Zealanders are liable to being denied entry upon arrival if they fail to conform with visa necessities. Intending travelers are urged to touch the nearest Embassy or Consulate of the United States of America to investigate about their personal precise circumstances, nicely in advance of travel.

The policy of the US of America in regards to all visa and overstaying violations is considered one of “0 tolerance”. Even if a traveler remains only in the future past their visa expiry, detention may result. If arrested this may consist of imprisonment, deportation and prohibited entry to the us for up to 10 years.

All visitors to the USA of America are required to provide their full cope with even as in the United States earlier of journey. This records will be collected at check-in with the aid of the airline provider. The address ought to include the postal code.

When you acquire a new passport, ensure that you have updated your passport information on your common flyer account and with your tour agent. Travellers have encountered secondary inspection via border officers and delays while their vintage passport wide variety has been used on tour files.

If joining a cruise ship or choosing up a apartment car on arrival, further facts on necessities can be determined on US Customs and Border Protection.

Visa Waiver Programme
The Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) lets in New Zealand citizens to enter the USA for commercial enterprise and tourism purposes for as much as ninety days without a visa. Under USA regulation, travellers coming into the USA beneath the visa waiver programme are not eligible to change their visa popularity. New Zealanders who do now not qualify for the VWP (eg, college students, journalists) will maintain to want visas so one can transit or visit america. New Zealanders planning to use the VWP are entreated to test that they meet the requirements to accomplish that.

Travellers coming into the USA below the VWP and making plans to move a border to a contiguous territory or adjacent island (eg. Canada, Mexico, Caribbean islands, etc) and go back at once back to the us ought to be aware that this go out time might also depend closer to the ninety day length underneath which they have been originally admitted into the USA beneath the VWP. Travellers should be aware that re-admission underneath the visa waiver can’t be guaranteed and choices are on the discretion of US Immigration Officers.

For humans planning to paintings even as in the USA a work visa is needed and you ought to contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate of the United States of America to verify entry necessities. If you gain employment while on a tourist visa this could breach the conditions of the visa and there may be a high danger of arrest and detention.

The entry necessities have changed for positive international travelers required to make transit stops inside the USA, and who do not qualify to enter the us below the VWP. In a few instances a transit visa can be required. Well in advance of tour, contact the closest Embassy or Consulate of the USA of America to enquire about the precise situations that apply.

All travelers coming into the USA beneath the Visa waiver programme have to have a machine-readable passport.

New Zealand citizens traveling to, or thru, america who do not maintain a gadget-readable passport should both:

  • Obtain a system-readable passport or,
  • Obtain a US access visa. In this case, hold your modern non system-readable passport and observe for a US access visa, this could require that you attend an interview with at the US Consulate General in Auckland. Further statistics on a way to follow for a US access visa is furnished at the US Embassy in New Zealand website.

ESTA – Electronic System for Travel Authorisation
Nationals of all Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) nations require ESTA authorisation prior to traveling to america under VWP. Travellers from VWP counties, including New Zealand, are required to pay an operational and tour advertising charge whilst applying for ESTA. The total price for a brand new or renewed ESTA will be US$14.

For extra information and link to the ESTA application see the United States Visa Information Service in New Zealand website.

Neither the New Zealand Embassy, New Zealand Consulates or the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade can help New Zealand Citizens with visa or different US immigration problems. If you have got any questions you should contact america Consulate General in Auckland before departure.

Once within the USA, contact the US Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BOIS) for advice on 1-800-375-5283.

Useful contacts
Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services – United States.
New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs – Passports.

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